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Traffic Safety Priorities for Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Street Accidents, Injury Attorneys, Accident LawyersAmong all of the traffic fatalities that happen each year in Los Angeles, almost half are pedestrians or cyclists. This is true even though pedestrians and cyclists are involved in around 14 percent of traffic accidents in the city. In order to combat this problem, the City of Los Angeles implemented the Vision Zero initiative, which is a concerted effort to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injury accidents by 2025. The primary focus is on pedestrians and bicyclists since they have the highest risk of death. To carry out the city’s initiative, the Los Angeles Vision Zero Alliance is working towards bringing the goals to fruition.

Vision Zero is a collaborative, worldwide effort aimed at eliminating traffic deaths by involving multiple government departments and agencies utilizing accident data in order to identify and address the highest risk categories and areas. Because they have very little protection, pedestrians and bicyclists are the most vulnerable of all people traveling on the roads.

Mayor Eric Garcetti issued an executive directive on Aug. 24, 2015, which established the Vision Zero initiative in Los Angeles as a citywide effort. Prior to that, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation had adopted the initiative in Sept. 2014 as a component of the department’s strategic plan. The City Council likewise adopted Vision Zero in Jan. 2016, making it a key part of the City’s Mobility Plan 2035.

A part of the preparation for the initiative’s implementation are studies conducted concerning crash causes throughout Los Angeles, as well as the steps that are needed in order to reduce or eliminate the causes. The city has moved on to the phase of determining the neighborhoods and areas that are at highest risk, such as where children and seniors may be, neglected neighborhoods and places where the most serious collisions tend to occur.

The Vision Zero Task Force and the Vision Zero Steering Committee, both established by Mayor Garcetti, are working together with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation in order to achieve the initiative’s purpose. Representatives on the steering committee include representatives from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and the public works, water and power, fire and police departments. Nonprofit agencies and community organizations, as well as additional representatives from the city, make up the alliance and the task force.

Since the launch of the initiative, substantial research has been conducted into the incidence and causes of traffic collisions over a multi-year period. Consultants have also analyzed countermeasures that reduce the number of accidents, as well as the collision rates in cities that have implemented them across the U.S.

While the aim of Vision Zero may seem daunting, it is terrific that the City of Los Angeles is taking active steps and implementing measures aimed at reducing or eliminating serious injuries and fatalities caused by collisions. Since bicyclists and pedestrians have a much higher risk of being killed in traffic accidents than other types of motorists and travelers, it is obvious why they should be placed at the top of the list.

The Need to Contact An Experienced Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney After A Traffic Fatality

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